Board and Committees

Board of Directors


Makenzie Docteur, MPA
SUNY Buffalo State


Chris Marcello, MPA
New York State Office of Mental Health

Immediate Past President and Communications Officer

Tony Astran, MPA, APR
Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center /
New York State Smokers’ Quitline


Marisa Nold, MPA
New York State Unified Court System


Kenneth Stone, MPA
Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

Membership Officer

Brian Poliner, MPA, PhD
New York State Assembly

Board Member

Brian Bray, MPA
Town of Amherst Senior Services

Board Member

Ryan Gadzo, MPA
Erie County Senior Services

Board Member

Maria Garozzo-Payne, MPA
City of Buffalo Department of Assessment & Taxation (retired)

Board Member

Michael Hughes, MPA
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service

Board Member

Rosaleen Nogle, MPA, PE, BCEE, PMP
Buffalo Sewer Authority

Board Member

Michael Ramos, MPA
City of Buffalo Environmental Safety

Board Member

Gordon Stewart III, MPA
Niagara Falls Fire Department


The Communications Committee disseminates timely news to members, prospects, media, and the general public and also publicizes the Chapter’s events and accomplishments. Members will work together to generate and post content online for the Chapter’s website and social media channels. Members also may assist the Communications Officer with e-mail alerts to members and press releases to media. For more information, contact Tony Astran.

The Membership Committee devises outreach programs to attract prospective members and communicate the value of paid ASPA membership. They will formally welcome and celebrate new members while keeping existing members engaged and tenured. Additionally, the Committee may assist the Membership Officer in building relationships with key constituents at local colleges and government institutions, and will collaborate as needed with the Communications Committee to develop and disseminate leave-behind materials about the local chapter and national membership benefits. For more information, contact Brian Poliner.

The Programming/Events Committee will take a lead role in developing online and in-person meetings to keep the Chapter vibrant. Such events include but are not limited to: webinars, happy hours, Annual Meeting, sessions for the Public Service Recognition Week at SUNY Buffalo State, and more. The Committee Chair will work in conjunction with ASPA’s Board of Directors to devise themes, book outside speakers, and coordinate event logistics. The Committee also will communicate all event details in a timely fashion to the Communications Committee for publicizing. For more information, contact Chris Marcello.

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